Friday, January 13, 2012

Blog Reopening With New Content Updates!

Well, this has been a long time coming. I've been meaning to get this blog in order for quite some time, and I'm now settled in Canada with no excuse not to start writing again. I'm sure there will be more aesthetic updates to come as I'm still playing around with Blogger, but as far as content you can expect:

Tuesday Poker Content!

Tuesdays, I'll share my thoughts on a poker related topic, from game theory to poker news, from hand histories to book reviews. I hope to talk strategy and math here as well as anything else that could be considered interesting and poker-centric.

Thursday Life in Review!

Working at home means I end up consuming a ton of books, movies, TV shows, and games (some related to poker, some not). Find out what's worth picking up here. It's going to be most of the year before Doctor Who starts up again, so we need something to do in the meantime, right?

I actually just finished "The Mentalist" and started on "Freaks and Geeks,"
but neither of those gives me an excuse to post pictures of Amy Pond/Karen Gillan.

The Sunday Cookbook!

Sundays, end the weekend right with a recipe for something you might actually want to eat and might actually be able to cook - follow along at home as I attempt to stave off how long it will be before the next time my wife mentions that we order too much takeout.

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