Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Ongoing War Against Caffeine

So, I noticed it this morning. I had a good nights sleep, but I just couldn't get going. I propped myself up with a can of Dr. Pepper with breakfast, but by 9 a.m. I felt myself craving a Mountain Dew. I gave in, and now it's lunch time and I am seriously going out of my mind wishing I could grab some more.

If it had actual cocaine in it, it might be easier to quit.

It always runs the same way with me. I am off the caffeine, and it feels great. Then, I remember how delicious soda is (I hate coffee, always have, can't stand the stuff) and decide to have just a little bit.

I actually wanted a picture of an exaggerated smile here,
then google gave me too many pictures of actual,
real photos and I got creeped out.

But after the initial buzz, I end up totally hooked on the stuff, slowly needing more and more to function. I don't notice it at first, just drinking soda more often with meals, or having a bit more when I do.

Finally, I'm blowing all my extra cash on anything with caffeine in it and wondering if anyone will notice if I skip work to find more. I think of reasons to tell my wife I'm not home because I'm out buying more soda. I consider stocking my desk with it.

and then, we're back at the beginning. I swear off caffeine, and the process repeats itself.

In early 1999, I convinced Google to send me a penny whenever
someone breaks a resolution they blogged about.
Three more weeks and I'll have enough to purchase a majority share of the company.

Well, whether this is me repeating the cycle or actually making a decent lifestyle change, I'm not sure, but I think it's worthwhile to find out. Trying and failing is better than giving up.

Maybe I should just switch to beer.

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